Celebrate? Why?

Sermon for the Third Sunday in Advent

SermonText:  Zephaniah 3:14-17
14  “Sing aloud, daughter of Zion! Shout out, Israel! Rejoice with all of your heart, daughter of Jerusalem!
15  The LORD has acquitted you; turning back your adversaries. Israel’s king, the LORD, is among you; you will not fear disaster anymore.
16  “When all of this happens, it will be told Jerusalem, ‘Don’t be afraid!” and to Zion, ‘Don’t lose courage!”
17  “The LORD your God among you is powerful—he will save and he will take joyful delight in you. In his love he will renew you with his love; he will celebrate with singing because of you.

Sermon for Advent 3 

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 585 South St. (Route 75), Suffield CT 06078 USA  http://www.gslcsuffield.com

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    Celebrate? Why? | The Rev. Dr. Jim Kerner

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