Palm Sunday–the Passion of Our Lord

Palm Sunday–the Passion of Our Lord

(from our service bulletin)

SermonJesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem signals the beginning of our observance of Holy Week. The joyful shouts of “Hosanna!” that greeted Jesus as He entered the Holy City soon gave way to a different chant by the people,  “Crucify Him; crucify Him!”

In today’s service, we will observe the stark contrast between these two realities.  Our hosannas will ring loud and clear.  Very quickly, however, our rejoicing will be silenced as we step back and ponder the great sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf.  The reading of the entire passion account from the Gospel of St. Luke will prepare us for the coming week as we follow our Savior through His suffering and death and finally raise our voices again in praise for His glorious resurrection.

A General Outline of What You Will Hear
The Passion according to St. Luke 22:7-23:56
The Hymn “Ride On, Ride On In Majesty”
A very short message

Palm Sunday

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